Sunday 30th September 2012

Spent   the   morning   at   Ewhurst   with   the   U11   and   the   U13   teams.      Under   11’s   only   there   for   one   half,   but photos   are   now   on-line   to   view.      You   will   need   a   password   to   view   mail   Kevin   Grimshaw   @   Crawley   Wasps for the password.  The Under 13 photos will I hope follow very soon. Matchday Photos
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Sunday 13th January

No game for the ladies today but I have finally got the Meridian photos on-line!

Friday 7th December

Seems like ages since I made it to a game!! Still saw the U16’s, plus a few photos of the other game, and then the ladies last weekend! Bear with me they will be on here as soon as I can!

Sunday 4th November 2012

Sorry for the delay in getting these on-line, but been away enjoying myself! Photos from the Wivvlesfield Green game are now on-line. November and only done three of the 1st XI Games?! I must try harder!

Thursday 27th September 2012

Not   been   the   best   start   to   the   season!      Hard   Drive   died   in   my   laptop,   and   before   you   ask,   no   it   wasn’t   backed   up, ironically   because   my   network   storage   was   also   broken   !! .      So   I’m   afraid   the   first   game   photos   this   season   may be   lost   forever!   Last   weekend   managed   to   make   the   U12   and   the   U16   games   in   the   morning   and   was allowed   out   to   do   the   first   team   game   at   Bridges   in   the   afternoon!!      Unlike   Pease   Pottage   this   caters   for   the ageing   photographer   and   I   took   refuge   from   the   downpour   in   the   stand!!     Thought   you   all   played   really   well   in atrocious weather.  Will be back soon whenever I can....

Tuesday 2nd October 2012

The   Under   13   photos   against   Hurstpierpoint   are   now   on-line.      Backing   the   PC   up   as   I   speak,   30   hours   to   go!!     Once bitten twice shy.  Not around this weekend but back soon!