About the Photographer.

For   many   years   now   I   have   had   a   love   of   sport   and   of   photography.     I   started   taking   photos   at   football   from   the   terraces   about   14   years ago. I   then   progressed   to   become   club   photographer   at   Crawley   Town FC   for   a   number   of   years.      I   had   to   stop   following   Crawley   when   the cost   of   travel   to   away   games   became   prohibitive.      With   the   desire   to continue   to   take   photos   I   offered   my   services   to   Three   Bridges   FC, and    I    am    still    there    today!        I    provide    photos    to    various    local publications   as   well   as   publish   photos   on-line   for   fans   to   view.      I   also spend   most   of   my   Sundays   taking   photos   of   Women’s   Sport   to   help publicise Women’s sport. I   am,   like   so   many   others   in   lower   non-league   football,   an   unpaid volunteer,   even   paying   to   get   into   all   the   games   I   take   photos   at.      I will   continue   doing   what   I   do   until   the   wife   rumbles   the   fact   that   I   am not actually out doing the weekly shop!!
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